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Senin, 20 Agustus 2012

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12 January 2012

Whats New on Alphard 2012 Indonesia

alphard 2012In the early years of the Water Dragon, Toyota-Astra Motor introduced the New Toyota Alphard with a refresh on the exterior and interior to retain all the advantages

Completion of the exterior visible from the front which looks more luxurious and powerful. Grille is more resilient and strong impression. When
originally consisted of three bar grille is now added into four. Also decorated with chrome on the engine hood which reinforce the impression of powerful. Fog lamps more assertive and large, no longer narrowed as the previous version. Next section, the changes seen in the new design alloy wheels with 17 inch diameter. At the back there are improvements in the rear license garnish that is now wider and strengthen the impression of stability. The new design also reverse lights. In addition, other features like the user will be retained as an artistic headlights, sunroof, stripes design firm until the practical seats.

Not much changes on the interior because it is a luxury minivan is already nearly perfect. See, the Alphard is equipped with a very spacious room, wide sliding doors, seat ottoman in the second row (seats equipped with footrest, armrest and can be reclining. Everything is regulated electric, torch lights in the doors for easier passenger when down at night, until the lamp lights in the ceiling that reinforces the impression of luxury. That did not stop Toyota to continue to improve comfort and driving pleasure. Based on input from users, TAM make improvements to the audio system. Number of speakers is now the 10th of the previous 8. But more than just increasing the number of speakers, New Alphard now uses Premium Focal speakers that equipped with an inverted Beryllium dome tweeters to produce a clear audio quality for all passengers equally. Alphard's two-tone dashboard enhanced by darken the dark interior section to reinforce the impression of luxury.

Alphard still maintaining complete safety features such as seven airbags (two front, left-right beside the front passenger / driver, two on the glass side and one on the driver's knee), GOA body (body frame structure is designed so that impact energy away from the passenger compartment ), AFS (lights that can join to help drivers turn to look further at the corner), to the VCS which helps the driver control the car around the corner at high speed.

New Toyota Alphard comes with three variants 2.4 X, 2.4 G and 3.5 V.

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